24/7 International Experience

Four girls represent three continents in one apartment.

I decided to live with exchange students this year. My first semesters at OU, I was always at the international socials, meeting some of my closest friends and realized that the best way to spend the most time with my favorite people on campus is to live with them.

Nicole, Amy, Carina and me

Amy is from Scotland; she’s earned the nickname “Shrek” in our apartment. Out of the the three girls, I have the most trouble understanding her English. We are quickly filling a book of all of the different words, phrases and expressions she uses (plasters are BandAids, gutted means devastated and uni refers to everything from class to homework to campus). She’s coming home with me for Christmas.

Nicole is my Bolivian roommate. I actually met her last year as an exchange student, but she made her transfer here, and now we live together. We watch Spanish rom coms and speak very fluently in Spanglish when we are together. I am celebrating New Years with her (and Amy) in hometown, Sucre.

Disco Carina is the Danish remix of the Macarena, but it is also what we call my Danish roommate, Carina. She made ratatouille her first week here and will find a way to put anything on an Excel spreadsheet – but let me tell you, Disco Carina is a suitable name. I’m pretty sure SIMS language is just Danish, but we all greet each other with “Hej smukke,” which means “Hi, beautiful.”

Then there’s me. I buy in bulk, embrace capitalism and enjoy French fries with ice cream. I am the only one in the apartment who has never used the kettle (just put a glass in the microwave, duh).

But we embrace – and laugh at – our differences. Knowing by the end of the year we will all be in different countries lingers in the back of our minds, but I wouldn’t trade living with these girls for the world.

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