Could I Be in a Better Place?

I only applied to college to give my parents peace of mind.  I went through the scholarship process for kicks, to see how much money I could receive if I actually went to college.

I was going to go to the convent, arguably one the most countercultural decisions I could have made.

As months went by, I became more and more set on attending a university.  How exactly my thought process changed so much, I’m a little uncertain.  But I do believe in God, and that He puts us where we need to be and when we need to be there.

More importantly, I am beginning to understand how what I am doing now is preparing me so much for my future, whether it is in the convent or not.  The Global Engagement Fellowship is pushing me so hard to view all my options, and see the world with a different eye.  It draws me more to the poor, and strengthens my urge to serve.  Not only does it affect my view, but I will have opportunities to serve abroad.  I will be able to spend a semester (or two) in Latin America, and really understand what can be done.  I am being pushed in my Spanish language studies.  I am being prepared more than I ever could have outside a university setting, and especially without the Global Engagement Fellowship.

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  1. I myself believe that everything in this world happens for a reason, and I personally believe you made the right call by coming to OU. There are so many different opportunities that colleges around the country can provide you regardless of where you go. I personally think that the Global Engagement Fellowship in particular is so critical in opening those doors when it comes to studying abroad, and I can’t wait to see what this program has in store for all of us.

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