Arab’s Got Talent

Ok, it is actually a real show, but I attended an event on an OU scale.  Let me tell ya, there are a lot of gnarly aspects to the Arab culture.

The dancing.  My friend and I were watching these girls belly dance gawking at the core strength it must take.  I mean, I can dance…the occasional whip + nae nae white girl combo.  I can do a little salsa, a little merengue, a little bachata.  But I sure as heck can NOT belly dance.  I genuinely admired their act, and can confirm that belly dancers are very talented.

The singing.  I think it takes a special skill to be able to speak two languages.  Especially when one of those is Arabic.  Especially when you can sing an Arabic song after one semester of taking classes on the language.

The poetry.  This got me.  I found it incredible people could find their poetic voice in another language, and doing a good job at it too.

International events like this are really eye opening to the cultural values of different students and even families in our community.  I wouldn’t get an opportunity to eat (really good) Arabic food and listen to the (extremely confusing, but beautiful) language in the city of Norman if it weren’t for organizations providing these events for students to share cultures outside of out own.

2 thoughts on “Arab’s Got Talent”

  1. As embarrassing was it was to have people I knew in the crowd during my Arabic talent show performances, I am really glad that you and some of the other Global Engagement Fellows came!

    Like you, I was blown away by the belly dancers, and it has really made me consider joining the club next semester. (And thanks for the shout out regarding the singing — glad you enjoyed “Baba Fein”!) I was also impressed by the poets and storytellers, especially because they were able to find their poetic voice, as you call it, in Arabic.

    I also had a lot of fun at the talent show, even though I didn’t understand everything either. I’m really looking forward to going again in the future. I think there is one every semester.

  2. Well, I missed that one. Josie, I don’t get your writing yet: Actually, I’m pretty busy but I promise to see your blog.

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