Everyone’s Favorite Topic…The Election

That’s a joke.  Really, at this point, the election has prompted more memes and arguments than legitimate conversations.  But how does the rest of the world feel?

I asked some international friends of mine what they thought about the results.  Here’s what I got.

Colombians: Now, in the conversations I had with a few different Colombian friends of mine, they determined there was little to no good with the president-elect, except that he is pro-life.  They fear he will tighten trade regulations, and Colombia does export a reasonable amount of goods to the US.

Mexicans: This was pretty hard to talk about, and I almost felt a little embarrassed bringing it up to a few Mexican friends of mine.  But surprisingly, they were pretty open about what they thought, and more importantly wanted to hear my point of view.  One friend, however, said this:

I know there is an immigration problem.  It brings on a stigma too for the rest of us.  I believe it is our problem, but we have put it on the US.  We don’t do enough in Mexico to help stop it happening illegally, and we need to make life better here for people with no money.  I understand the US is frustrated, I am too.  I do not blame Donald Trump or condemn his plans for our borders.

Greeks:  Greece is currently dealing with the Syrian refugee crisis, and they put a large blame of this on Clinton and her involvement in the Middle East. However, my friend said that she doesn’t expect Trump to send aid to Greece.  For her, that is important, because their economy is in shambles.

Italians:  Italy is very Catholic…all my Italian friends are Catholic…

Turks: They were relieved.

Spaniards:   My friend said that it was a step back for the US.  He said where he lives, Valencia, people think a lot more like Clinton.


Now, I know that a few people can’t account for a whole nation’s perspectives, but these points of view show what many college students think of the situation, and on a personal level.  They show what they expect to happen after an election this significant.

5 thoughts on “Everyone’s Favorite Topic…The Election”

  1. I think it is really fascinating to hear how international students feel about the results of the election. Like you, the topic came up with me and some friends who are Mexican. It was particularly hard to talk about it with them because of Donald Trump’s rhetoric regarding Mexican immigrants and his whole “build a wall” thing. It did seem like they were more interested in hearing my opinion than anything else. I think your friend with the quote regarding illegal migration to the US from Mexico has an especially interesting viewpoint.

    I guess I am most surprised that the Turks were relieved. I suppose I don’t know a lot about Turkey, but I wouldn’t have thought they would be relieved about the results considering Trump’s comments on Islam. I think it would be very interesting to hear your friends’ thoughts on this.

    The election is a very touchy topic, but I think it is an important one. I am glad that you shared this post.

    1. In regards to my Turkish friends: Many in the Middle East attribute their conflict with Clinton, hence the relief. I’m not saying Trump will be any better, but this is just from my conversations!

      And I think it is so interesting that out nation affects so many others in such powerful ways! We get wrapped up so easily in how it might affect us, but we are a very tiny percentage of the world – yet the US president is one of the most important people globally.

      Thank you for your comment, Madison!

  2. Appears that I am late to the party. Hehe.. like political parties. Right, enough cringing. I also think that it is interesting to see how people from other countries view the election. It makes me happy to see that not every person is highly distressed by the election. I talked to a few people from the international community as well, and got more negative responses. There are a lot of factors that go into everyone’s opinion of the election, so there is no surprise there.

    To ride off of Madison, thanks for sharing this post.

    1. Ben, thank you for your comment! Your pun was also much appreciated.

      Yes, we so often think of how the election will affect us, but woah, there’s a world around us too! I think the differences in responses definitely go hand in hand in the country’s relationship with the US, especially as far as trade and military support goes. But we definitely can’t please the whole world, that’s for sure. Let’s not let this poll us apart!

      (Get it, because we vote in polls, but it’s supposed to mean pull…ha ha)

  3. This was an extremely interesting blog post because you took a topic that was mainly American and turned it into a global issue. I think that this subject is a fairly touchy one for some, but I like the way you approached it because you allowed your international friends to speak freely about the topic. Honestly, I think that this election is the most impactful one that the United States has ever seen mainly because it will have a more global impact than the others have. When you look at how different the two candidates’ beliefs are, the two potential results of the election would have two very different impacts on the way we communicate with other countries.

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