Friendship Credits to Salsa and Guac

A FREE salsa and guacamole cooking class? Uhh count me in.

waiting list? This must be legit. Put me on it.

YES I’M IN! And only 30 minutes before it starts? Better rush over there.

First one here means I’m the coolest, right? Ha ha ha….

Ok really this was supposed to start five minutes ago and I’m the only one in this kitchen send help.

Ok Josie breath you’ve been waiting all week for this. Give everyone a few more minutes.

See? People are starting to file in now.

Wait am I the only American? Yep. I am. That explains why everyone was late.

Oh I hear some Spanish! Join the conversation Josie JOIN IT!

This is an abridged version of the thoughts running through my head before I met some of the coolest people.  While a tapatío (someone from Guadalajara, MX) taught us the right way to make salsa and guac, I acquainted myself with some Colombians.

Alex's Birthday
A photo from Alex’s birthday. Countries represented: Bolivia, Colombia, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, Korea, Peru, Spain, USA

Throughout the month I begin to integrate myself into the gnarly group of international students.  Before I know it, I’m singing “Feliz Cumpleaños,” “Happy Birthday,” “Alles Gute zum Geburtstag,” and “생일 축하해” to Alexander on his birthday with my new friends from 4 continents.

Long story short, I suppose, is that I’m so grateful I jumped into an experience knowing nobody.  Walking into an “international event” solo is intimidating, I’m not gonna lie. But I was forced to communicate with others when I would normally stick to my own little bubble of comfort.  So I’m gonna give myself a little pat on the back for this one.

4 thoughts on “Friendship Credits to Salsa and Guac”

  1. Okay, Josie, you have definitely made me jealous that I didn’t go to this salsa and guacamole cooking class! It is definitely intimidating to go to international events by yourself. I mean, it can be intimidating to go to any event solo, let alone one where you might have to speak a different language. Reading your post has shown me that I need to get over my own awkwardness and put myself out there by going to more immersive international events that might be outside of my comfort zone. It’s obvious that you had a lot of fun, and it has inspired me to put myself out there more. After all, I will never know what I’m missing out on if I don’t.

    1. I had the same experience at the Dia de Los Muertos festival – I couldn’t get anyone to go with me so I pushed myself into going. Ended up having the best time, running into people I know, getting a Frida Khalo pillow, etc. But yeah, I definitely think that if there’s any time to really push yourself into these kinds of events, it’s now (not to sound cliche). I’m glad you were able to relate with me on this. If something looks fun and intriguing, GO!

      Thanks for the comment, Madison(:

  2. People all around! Hahaha How do you manage to enter in that room?!

    I really miss that. Different culture people meet each other…discovering that we’re so similar. In addition to the 6 a.m cold pool dairy routine… I really miss that.

    I’m gonna work to get more experiences like the OU trip. We deserve to have these kind of experience.

    Josie enjoy!

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