It’s Smelly, It’s Brown, It’s Poop.

And believe it or not, we all create it. EVERY DAY.

Rose George is what you may call a “curious journalist,” acknowledging overlooked issues, and talking about them.

She introduces poop with addressing the stigma.  We keep our defecation behind closed doors.  But what about in these third world countries where the diseases of feces roam around freely because people have to poop outside in the open?

I remember going to Eastern Europe, and being told to not flush toilet paper…and yes, you should use the bidet.  I didn’t think about the sanitary or environmental benefits of a bidet, I was just determined to stay away from it.  There was no way I was going to have the same nozzle spray me where the sun don’t shine that has sprayed who knows how many people.

I think my uncomfortableness stemmed from our inability to talk about poop.

I understand privacy when you poop.  I understand sanitation, and I understand comfort.  I don’t get why there’s taboo with the issue that people used to literally dump in the streets, especially because it needs to be talked about.  People’s lives are very much at risk.

George states diarrhea being the second largest cause of child death in the world, yet still 1/3 of our population lacks proper toilet/sewage systems; that is roughly 7.5x the population of the US.  This is the biggest sanitation issue worldwide.

But I don’t see any change happening until we can talk about poop like we can talk about clean water or access to nutritional food.

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