Love that goes the distance

When you know, you know. Right? So what if you know he’s the love of your life, but you met just two months before moving across the world?

I met Cody in May. I left in July. I wouldn’t be back until December. But we knew we were going to make work from the beginning. That said, the thought of leaving was taunting.

Within the first month, Cody bought a ticket to visit me in October. The two weeks he spent in South America with me were my best weeks abroad.

I was excited to show him around the city I called home since July. I picked him up, fed him an empanada from my favorite shop. We spent all day enjoying being reunited. That evening, I introduced him to the people I had become close friends with. He got to try the beer I drank regularly, laugh with the folks I loved and experience getting sloshed from drinking too much pisco. It was perfect.

We traveled to Pucón in southern Chile and did the Machu Picchu tour in Perú. It was best time, all the way up to saying goodbye to one another at the airport in Lima. That hurt.

After he left, the best part of me was missing once again. It was harder to enjoy my time in Chile knowing that my best friend was across the world.

In the middle of my last month here, each day lasts forever. But we know we can do it. Distance does make the heart grow stronger.

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