More Friendship Credits to Salsa

But the dance kind of salsa.

The OU Latin Dance Club hosted the annual Havana Nights Salsa Ball, and it was a blast. The night started with an informal dance lesson to teach the amateurs the basic steps of salsa and bachata. After the hour of step-by-step instructions, the ballroom floor opened for anyone brave enough to show off their moves.

Naturally, the Latinos took over the floor.  And it was pretty intimidating. But I had a couple dance partners throughout the night that kept a moderate pace…and now we’re pretty good pals.  Aron from Spain admitted it was his first night dancing salsa, but a little confidence goes a long way.  He started taking more lessons and promised we’d dance again.

Of course, there were the Colombians who dance salsa and bachata in their sleep.  Sebastian and Daniel were a blast to dance with.  They knew the fancy moves and could twirl you around and dip you back at the end of a song.

The dancing shows a lot about the Latin American culture.  It is intimate, and you make yourself vulnerable to your partner.  The man leads, the woman follows, and it works out smoothly (almost) every time. Focusing on your hips and your turns takes your mind off the rest of the world for a bit, and brings you into the songs length amount of time you have with your partner.

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