My Hips Don’t Lie…Anymore.

The Colombian Student Association put on an End of the Year Latin Party.  Now, let me tell you about my history with Latin dancing.

In high school, I took a few classes through my Spanish program on salsa.  In a room of gringos, I wasn’t all that bad.

When I went to a party with a group of Latinos a few weeks ago, the music was pumpin and dancing was mandatory.  I suppose I overestimated my abilities.  “You’re using too much of your legs!”  “Keep your core firm!”  “Just make a figure eight with your hips!”  After that night, I stood in front of the mirror for hours over the next couple weeks practicing just moving my hips the right way.

So here I am, at the Fiesta Latina, and everyone was dancing.  Not the stiff “grinding” you see at the American parties, but these fluid and cohesive movements, it was intimate and passionate in a sense.  Ha, there was no way I could do that.

But I didn’t have a choice.  Alexander, a friend that I met at the salsa class earlier in the year, had taken my hand and twirling me around and laughing at my stiffness at the same time.  But I was getting the hip thing down, let me tell ya.

Events like this make me fall in love with the Latino culture even more.  Dancing involves emotion, you can feel it.  It is a part of the culture everyone knows.  You can go to anyone and know they will be able to salsa, merengue, etc.  Here, we are stuck with the line dancing and the awkward swaying.

2 thoughts on “My Hips Don’t Lie…Anymore.”

  1. I legitimately smiled reading this blog post. I’ve seen how free people feel when they perform Latino dances such as the salsa or the tango, and I think it’s so awesome that you got the chance to go do that. I personally will not be dancing like that anytime soon; I have absolutely no musical or rhythmical talents at all whatsoever. It’s unbelievable how bad that would look. I do think the Latino culture is particularly interesting, though. They have a lot of history and are just an engaging group of people. Plus, you can’t go wrong with tex-mex!

  2. Josie, That’s the reason that you was saying you don’t dance well.
    For my opinion, the actitute is the first thing.

    I love this post and I will look foward to read the rest.


    Carlos Hdz

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