The Real-Life Onion News Source gives American news like Americans give international news, and boy, do we look ridiculous.

“Why Retreats for Moms Are a Terrible Idea” was an article that was intriguing, and the portrayal of American mothers is brutally accurate.

To be a mom here is to be put in exclusive parenting isolation.  Moms only talk to moms and discuss motherhood.  They get no escape, even the mommy retreats are bringing mothers into further isolation with one another.  And why are American parents so unhappy?

There is further criticism on the structure surrounding mothers, especially pregnant women, and the systematic discrimination against them.  Because of this lack of accommodation, women often feel marginalized into being their own, mommy community.

Other countries give more liberty to mothers, extending maternity leave and affordable childcare.  Mothers shouldn’t feel the need to resort to their own community as their sole source of support because all are equally stress and overwhelmed at different times.

The way this article describes this issue sounds almost satirical, like The Onion articles share fictional news.  This news, however, is real.  This means that either our country is more outlandish than we thought, or that we portray other nations in a demeaning manner.

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