Where the Heck Am I Going?

I’ll spend a semester in Puebla, and do a summer in Spain. I’m studying Spanish, so it’s going to be perfect. I have it all figured out.

Oh, that looks gnarly. Summer at sea? A ship that travels to six continents? I could be down for that. I could also spend more time in Eastern Europe. Prague? I do have Czech ancestors. That would be pretty awesome. Oh wow, look at Ireland. My last name is Logsdon, which is very Irish. Maybe I could live where my family lived! If I study Spanish, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to learn Portuguese too; Brazil? I have friends in Italy! That’s where I should go! Italian is similar to Spanish, so I could totally get around there. I do love the Colombian Spanish accents, they’re the best to understand. That is where I should study. Oh of course I’ll take a program for studying music in Israel, I’ve played violin almost my whole life. That would be so cool. Gaylord has a program in Puerto Rico? I know where I’m spending my summer!

In other words, the number of study abroad programs at OU is overwhelming; more than I could ever imagine.  And I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do.

3 thoughts on “Where the Heck Am I Going?”

  1. There are so many awesome places to study! Each one offers brand new adventures, and exciting, different people. Now that you’ve finished your first quarter here at OU, have you narrowed down your ideal travel/study spots? Have any new ones popped up? (London is still on the table?)

    There’s really no pressure here though. Wherever you decide to go will be the right choice… a journey that YOU, are taking. And we, your GEF friends, will be here for you along the way.

    1. Yes! More or less…

      I will do a semester (or two…or three) in Peru and/or Nicaragua. Will hopefully be able to use banked hours to help me get to London after sophomore year and Arezzo after junior! The amazing thing about studying in Latin America is that it’s cheaper than OU, so I can put more money into summer experiences. Which I am very stoked about.

      But it also makes me sad knowing that after this year, the global engagement bunch won’t be complete on campus. But it also makes me super excited.

      Thanks for your comment, Ben!

  2. I love how eager you are to study abroad! Personally, there is so much that I want to get done here, and I have so little time to do it all that I’m leaning towards only studying abroad twice. I’m thinking about going to Italy and to France, but I haven’t ruled out places like England and Rio de Janeiro just yet. I’m also trying to get internships with KOCO in Oklahoma City as well as potentially ESPN, so I’m more focused on working here than studying abroad at the moment. I can’t wait for those trips, though!

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