Why I’m Starting To Hate American Movies

The University of Oklahoma Foreign Film Club (FFC) is proof that all you need is Netflix and some good buddies (the pizza is a bonus) to open your eyes to the wonders of ~international films~

Other countries are pretty explicit about their current states, whether it shines a negative or positive light on their home. We Americans like to romanticize the heck outta our issues.

Kite Runner was brutally raw. It was hard to watch; it made me sick.  But it showed the reality of some of the major issues in Afghanistan.

The FFC is a group of folks who, after watching a movie like Kite Runner, wants to discuss the film and its influence.

An American film tends to be pretty different.  We like to focus on romance, portraying an unrealistic image of what love should be.  We mock the important issues, “comedicize” what needs to be taken seriously and expect a happy ending.  Not to say that there isn’t something artistic about the common American film, but they typically cannot be taken seriously.

The unoppressed emotion, the raw truth, and the blunt actualities are brought forth in foreign films. Other countries use film as a way to depict what is unspoken within a society, be it negative or positive.

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