Digital Literacy is Making Me Think

TV shows are good and all, and I do enjoy the occasional article, but this whole “analyzing media” makes me dissect these almost too much, to the point where I can hardly enjoy anything I read or watch, especially online.

I analyzed Black Mirror: Fifteen-Million Merits for my JMC class.  This is a futuristic sci-fi on the effects of technology and media on society.  The people are stuck inside, pedaling for electricity, and having every move regulated.  The protagonist tries to break this cycle, resulting in the woman he loves being subjected to a porn show.

The reoccurring theme in this is the dependence of humanity on media and technology, which ultimately foreshadows the possible future of our society.

This approach works.  The message of fear gets across through the severity of the circumstances, especially fear in the monotony of the day to day life.  The audience does feel that fear and desire to change after watching this episode, and there are many online forums where these issues are discussed, stemming from the episode.  Although nothing substantial has changed on human dependency on technology since the release of this episode in 2011, the thought and conversation can be considered a success for Black Mirror.

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