Fortune and Fame? No Thanks.

Josh Rushing.  Tossed his career and reputation in the marines to serve in a better way.

Now we all (or at least I do) look at Rushing as an idol; we’re intrigued by his selflessness and determination.  But could I really do the same thing?  Would I be willing to sacrifice the security of one lifestyle for the more terrifyingly risky one?  I would like to think so – especially if I’m going to pursue journalism.

Everyone knows if you’re trying to make good money you shouldn’t go into journalism.  So why is this field still corrupted by the news stations trying to get ratings up by broadcasting twisted versions of stories?

I think the world is interesting enough as it is.  I think there are enough bad people here that we don’t have to ruin one’s reputation by making them seem evil.  And there are enough good people so we don’t need to highlight every act of kindness of a celebrity.

So I think more important than anything in journalism is to broadcast with a selfless purpose, and that’s what I hope to do in my career.

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