OK, So What’s *Really* Going On in the World Today?

That’s it. That question is thescreen-shot-2016-10-10-at-7-48-12-pm driving force provoking my engagement in media. I’ll watch “Trump Said What?” video compilations and read the occasional “The Truth Behind Kim K’s Robbery,” but at the end of the day, I’m searching for the truth. I want to know what’s really going on, and I want to know what’s really important. Because even though Kim K may show up on my Facebook feed about seven times per hour, her life doesn’t affect hardly anyone of her millions of followers. But the deaths caused by violence in the Middle East that are perpetually being smothered by Cosmo articles do. They deserve the attention, and those arethe articles that will keep me scrolling on my phone until my melatonin (I’ve learned that these vitamin supplements are the only things that will put me to sleep before my thumbs start cramping from scrolling through the news) kicks in.

2 thoughts on “OK, So What’s *Really* Going On in the World Today?”

  1. How do Josie avoid media?

    Recommendation: I learned from a diversity of books something called: Circle of Influence and Circle of Concern.

    Circle of Influence is the real important one… your self esteem, principle searching, your family, learning, …., everything focused in what you can fix,improve or create. Focus on your Circle of Influence!

    1. The cool thing about social media today is that there is something for everyone. Not everyone loves every type of media, but everyone has something they can share on! And because of that, we are all influenced by media in different ways. I’m interested in reading more about the “Circle of Influence” you mentioned. If you have any reading recommendations, please share!

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