What COVID-19 taught me (so far)

After a few weeks of social distancing due to COVID-19, I have learned a lot about myself (and some surprising things about others).

I’m an introvert. I knew that. So when I was told that we all should stay at home as much as possible and avoid contact with others, I was quite pleased. I have enjoyed being at home. I have enjoyed minimal social interaction. I learned that I shouldn’t feel guilty about staying in, even when it isn’t the norm. I love my “me time.” I learned that I don’t have to feel guilty for enjoying staying at home.

Photo by Josie Logsdon

I don’t allow myself to be creative enough. Within one week of social distancing, I learned how to knit and picked up a new instrument – the mandolin. Knitting was a great challenge at first, and I felt like I wouldn’t ever have the patience to complete a project. But after a couple of weeks, I completed scarves and hats. I now want to begin more adventurous projects! Picking up the mandolin was something I always wanted to do. I have played violin for the majority of my life, so the mandolin only made sense. There are many fundamentals that are different, but I enjoy the learning process. Because of COVID-19, I learned that I need more creativity in my life.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, I have become closer to my loved ones through this time. We all have more time to video chat, which brings us all together. Before social distancing, I didn’t prioritize time with my family enough. Now that I can’t leave my house and go visit my loved ones, I understand better their importance in my life and the positive difference it makes to include them in my daily life.

It’s hard living under social distancing. It’s scary to think about the dangers that are right outside my front door. I worry about my friends and family that are especially at risk during this time because of the COVID-19 virus. But this time hasn’t been all negative, and I am constantly looking for positivity in my life and other people’s lives. I want to come out of this time a better person. I want us all to appreciate what we have more and take better care of our friends, our family, our neighbors and our colleagues. I truly believe we can all find the silver lining in this time!

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