Dream job

We all have dream jobs. Sometimes our dream jobs are unorthodox or sound simply miserable to other people. Some of us achieve our dream jobs and never work a day in our life. Some get lost in the journey and never make it to their goal. Some of us are working hard today to get there someday. The ideal job for me? Full-time remote copyeditor.

Photo from Shae Lalor

You wake up to the sounds of the birds outside, slip on your house shoes and head into the kitchen for a cup of coffee. As it brews, you head to your makeshift office. You have a desk, piled with stylebooks and stray papers, a plush office chair that fits your style as perfectly as your posture and a spot next to your workplace dedicated to your little, domestic companion. You turn on your computer and printer and get out your trusty red pen.

Your coffee is ready, so you pour it in your mug and bring it to your little home office to begin your day. Now that everything is fired up, you print out the papers for the day. You could do all your editing on the computer, but the satisfaction of the red pen on physical paper motivates you more.

The editing begins. You read, scribble, add question marks followed by notes, clarify points, switch the order of sentences, remove an oxford comma and check the piece for accuracy. After a third look over, you scan the document and send it back to the author and begin on the next assignment.

Your goal is to help every written paper you read reach perfection. Some papers you work on for hours; some you return in an easy 30 minutes. This is all that is on your schedule. The only work you have to do is editing, and it truly is a job you’d do without pay.

Now, if that doesn’t sound like a dream job, then I don’t know what would. While the routine may seem mundane, reading new words every day is appealing. Working with writers is exciting. Perfecting something that someone will enjoy reading is rewarding.

We’re not all going to have the same dream job (this world would hardly function if we did!) But when I imagine my dream job, I am more motivated to work to get there. I don’t want to envy remote, full-time copyeditors, instead I want to make that my career.

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